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Poultry Processing Plant – Linodrób is already up and running!

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In February 2020, we have completed the construction of Linodrób – Poultry Processing Plant. During the entire construction process, as a general contractor we were responsible for erecting two buildings:

  • Social and warehouse buildings with dimensions of 47.56m x 14.40m x 9.85m (2 floors)
  • Production facility with dimensions of 105.87m x 51.27m x 10.19m (1 floor)

The production and warehouse sections of the building were designed as a single-story set up, multi-nave roof with a mixed structure – partly made of galvanized steel and concrete masonry units. The social and office part were made as a two-story structure, in a rectangular plan. The supporting structure is made of CMU walls, that are Porotherm ceramics, reinforced with re-bars and cages.