Pierwsza pieczarkarnia francja

It’s time we start expanding – we are building our first mushroom farm in France

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In recent years, our company has completed many industry investments related to the production of mushrooms in Eastern Europe. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are markets where Agro-Projects has been present for a long time – both in terms of general contracting, substantive consulting or supplying equipment. We manufacture all our equipment and machines for the mushroom industry in our factories.

We want everyone to know that we are just getting started with our expansion into the Western Europe and the entire world with this first signed contract. At the start, we will expand an existing mushroom-growing facility with two additional cultivation chambers, a technological corridor and a social area. The facility that will allow the investor to increase the cultivation area by a total of approx. 1760 m2, which will be built in Poilley, Northern France.