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We have started construction of another building in Northern France

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During the part of last year, we have completed expansion of an existing mushroom farm in Poiley, Northern France. We are pleased to announce that after this first successful cooperation we have signed a contract with this client for another construction, this time for a much larger facility. This investment will consist of 22 more champignon and 4 oyster mushroom growing rooms cultivation. That’s a total of mushroom growing area of approx. 14,150 m2 that will be built in Landivy, France.

Combining forces with our technological climate control partner Magik Chłodnictwo – we will provide and install:

  • exterior filling/emptying gates and interior sliding doors
  • shelving for champignon cultivation
  • growing nets
  • under-shelf watering system
  • climate steering system
  • high pressure humidification system
  • climate control systems