Agro-Projects - The Fillers

Agro-Projects takes over The Fillers brand and starts production of machines for mushroom farms!

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We are pleased to announce that our company has acquired The Fillers brand – a Polish manufacturer of professional machines for filling and emptying of compost and casing at mushroom farms. The Fillers machines valued by customers everywhere, well known in the industry under such names as Hercules, Hector, Parys, Nestor, Achilles or Hermes, will be completely manufactured from now on in our modern fabrication facility in Pianowo, which we have completed in the beginning of 2021. The first machines will leave our production line in just a few months.

Technology that we have acquired, now enables us to offer mushroom growers a comprehensive service in every stage of their investment. Thus far, we have offered complete technological equipment needed in newly built and modernized facilities intended for mushroom cultivation, i.e. gates, sliding doors, lorries, trollies, growing shelving, air-conditioning units, microclimate control and under-shelf irrigation. Expanding our offer with elements for the technological line of compost filling and emptying machines, i.e. combines, conveyors, compost and casing hoppers or winches, combined with many years of experience in mushroom farm construction, will allow us to professionally, completely and independently carry out extensive investments under one brand – Agro-Projects.

Agro-Projects also offers a full service for the offered machines, as well as training for Clients in Poland and abroad.


Michał Ressel
phone: +48 785 622 777