A bird’s eye view of the #BTWAgro compost yard looks really impressive!

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This facility that we completed last year produces 1,600 tons of Phase III compost per week.

  • Phase 1: 9 fermentation bunkers, 3 open aerated floors, and advanced automation system (some technological solutions have no analogues in the world), technological machines properly adapted to the needs of production include a mixing line and a top loading system with a capacity of 200-300 tons/hour.
  • Phase 2/3:  34 pasteurization tunnels, automatic compost truck loading zone and compost cube production zone

Technological equipment – Magik Cooling
Technological machinery – Hoving Holand

  • BTW-Agro Zone Phase I: 10900 m2
  • BTW-Agro Zone Phase II/III: 11800 m2
  • BTW-Agro Associated Buildings: 3450 m2