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We are a company of licensed construction engineers, designers, architects and experienced managers, carrying out construction investments as a general contractor in Poland, Europe and around the World.
Agro-Projects Firma
Agro-Projects Firma
Agro-Projects Firma

Our basic Offer

is general contracting in four different areas
Agro-Projects oferta przemysł grzybowy



Mushroom farms, oyster mushroom farms, composting plants, equipment and machinery, training and consulting


Agro-Projects oferta budownictwo przemysłowe



Production plants, warehouses and logistic halls, office and public building


Agro-Projects oferta budownictwo rolnicze



Turkey farms, poultry farms, warehouses, mushroom growing tunnels, pig pens and cattle barns


Agro-Projects oferta usługi metalowe



Bending, cutting and welding of various metals


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Francja Poiley - pieczarkarnia

#FrancjaPoiley mushroom farm and 2 growing rooms from Agro-Projects

We expanded the existing mushroom farm #FrancjaPoilley by 2 additional growing rooms, thanks to which the client obtained an additional production capacity of approx. 450 tonnes of fresh mushrooms per year. Agro-Projects scope included: Delivery and installation of sandwich panels for walls and ceiling of growing rooms Performing a vapour-gas tight coating on the joints of sandwich panels Delivery and installation of growing...


The French mushroom farm in Landivy is working at full capacity

In March 2021 we started the construction of a new facility in France which consists of 22 mushroom growing rooms and 4 rooms for oyster mushroom cultivation. The building area of the whole facility is 11700 sq. m. The scope of Agro-Projects included: In the mushroom section: Delivery and installation of sandwich panels for walls and ceiling of growing rooms Performing a vapour-gas...

Agro-Projects starts cooperation with Mushroom Supply & Services

We are thrilled to announce that we have started a partnership with Mushroom Supply & Services (MSS Inc.). Its founder David Iaconi will represent our company as a sales representative in the US and Canadian markets. David Iaconi grew up on his grandfather’s farm near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, known as the "Mushroom Capital of the World." He started working in the...


Mushroom growing tunnels from Agro-Projects have arrived to Australia

After a few weeks journey tunnels for champignons cultivation of our production have arrived to our Australian Client. For Regal Mushrooms company located in the suburbs of Sydney, we have developed a dedicated construction, thanks to which the client with its own resources is able to replace the existing tunnels while leaving the existing base infrastructure unchanged. We provided the...

Pianowo production hall – the heart of our company

Pianowo production hall is a place that has been the heart of our company for over a year now. This is where products and machines are made, which go to various facilities in Poland and around the world. This is a place created by people with passion!

Inwestycja #GLGroup nabiera coraz piękniejszych kształtów

The #GLGroup investment is taking more and more beautiful shapes

In cooperation with MAGIK Chlodnictwo and Montostal we are constructing a production facility for processing vegetables and fruits with freezing chambers, administrative and social part and the necessary infrastructure. usable area: 4258.40 m2 cubature: 56259.80 m3 area of freezing chambers: 1734,03 m2 scope of work: general contracting, including ammonia installations

Przemysł grzybowy sklep

Our online store

has everything you need for the professional cultivation of various types of mushrooms. There you will find equipment for cultivation, soil irrigation, climate control, as well as ready buildings and their elements.

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