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Pierwsze samojezdne wózki hydrauliczne Agro-Projects w drodze do Klienta!
Pierwsze samojezdne wózki hydrauliczne Agro-Projects w drodze do Klienta!
Pierwsze samojezdne wózki hydrauliczne Agro-Projects w drodze do Klienta!

First self-propelled hydraulic picking trollies manufactured by Agro-Projects are on their way to the Client!

First self-propelled picking trollies with a hydraulic lifting mechanism, which were completely designed by our team of engineers and manufactured in our new production plant located in the town of Pianowo (Greater Poland Voivodeship), had been shipped to Landivy mushroom farm located in France. The first batch of the order includes 80 trolleys characterized by: horizontal drive with variable speed settings working...

Agro-Projects - The Fillers

Agro-Projects takes over The Fillers brand and starts production of machines for mushroom farms!

We are pleased to announce that our company has acquired The Fillers brand - a Polish manufacturer of professional machines for filling and emptying of compost and casing at mushroom farms. The Fillers machines valued by customers everywhere, well known in the industry under such names as Hercules, Hector, Parys, Nestor, Achilles or Hermes, will be completely manufactured from...


The warehouse for Polmlek Grudziądz is starting to take shape!

In March of this year, we have started construction as the General Contractor of a new warehouse and office space for Polmlek Grudziądz (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voyevodship). In just a few short weeks we are at a stage of assembling the prefabricated structure of the warehouse and preparing to pour the concrete slab, as well as erecting the masonry walls and...


Employment advertisement: Sales Representative (Poland / World)

Due to the dynamic development of our company, we are looking for a person to fill the position of a Sales Representative, whose main tasks will be to provide service for both Polish and abroad customers. Tasks: E-mail and telephone correspondence with Clients in both English and Polish Searching and acquiring new Clients in Poland and abroad Preparation of sales offers Support for export-related...


A modern Agro-Projects production facility is nearing completion!

In the town of Pianowo (Kościan) in Greater Poland Voivodeship a modern production facility for our company is being built. The production plant is equipped with the most advanced metal fabrication machines and will not only be the place where products for our increasingly wider needs are made, but it will also be a Steel Service Center providing services...

Magazyn Polmlek Grudziądz - Agro-Projects

Agro-Projects Poland is building for Polmlek Grudziądz S.A.

We are pleased to announce that in the beginning of March we have started the construction of a new warehouse for Polmlek Grudziądz S.A. as the General Contractor. The facility located in Grudziądz next to the existing production plant is characterized by the most important parameters Building dimensions: 133m x 42m Building height: 15m Building area: 4,661 m2 Usable floor space: 5,191 m2 Volume...

Kolejny obiekt we Francji - AgroProjects

We have started construction of another building in Northern France

During the part of last year, we have completed expansion of an existing mushroom farm in Poiley, Northern France. We are pleased to announce that after this first successful cooperation we have signed a contract with this client for another construction, this time for a much larger facility. This investment will consist of 22 more champignon and 4 oyster...

lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1

The first “French” mushroom growing rooms by Agro-Projects are ready for use!

After several weeks of intensive construction, we have completed an expansion of the Lou Légumes mushroom farm. The facility located in Poiley (northern France) has been expanded by two new growing rooms for industrial mushroom cultivation, increasing their cultivation area by about 1760 m2. Both of the growing rooms are already filled with phase three compost and the first...

Schneider Electric - Agro-Projects

Warehouse facility for Schneider Electric is starting to come around!

In August 2020, we have signed a contract as a general contractor for a new warehouse facility with an office and employee areas with Elda-Eltra (which is part of the Schneider Electric group). This facility with a total usable area of 6222.34 m2 (66 976.64 sqft) is being built in the city of Szczecinek in West Pomeranian Voivodeship. After several...

Mushroom Days 2020
Mushroom Days 2020

Mushroom Days 2020

On the 29th and 30th of September, we once again participated in the "Mushroom Days" industry meeting that took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. During these two busy days, we had the opportunity not only to talk about possible new projects, establish new business contacts, but also share our experiences and knowledge with representatives of the European and Asian...