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We are the general contractor for walk-in coolers & freezers, logistic centers, warehouses, office buildings, schools and much more.


Refrigeration, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Heating, Climate Control, Installation & service.


We have several years of experience in the construction and technology industry gained at home and abroad. Experienced technical staff created by certified construction engineers, designers, architects, supported by managers and qualified employees that give full support in the investment process for our clients. We use modern technical solutions as well as the latest software, thus optimizing the construction process for the investor. We know the construction process and the construction investments of various sizes, scope and complexity accomplished by the engineering staff allow us to offer clients the possibility to create construction projects in a wide spectrum; ranging from design to general contracting or even smaller selective projects. We offer construction services of logistic centers for fruit and vegetable producers, cold storage facilities, walk-in cooler & freezer units, warehouses, office buildings and many other multi-purpose buildings.
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Based on experience gained over the years, we know how important it is during the stage of development of initial concept to meet the client's expectations. A well thought out and designed building plan will result in the proper & timely construction process of a project for the investment. Incorrectly made documentation often results in an increase of investment costs, delayed construction completion and unnecessary stress for the Investor.

For this reason, thru our gained knowledge and experience we can offer you full support in the development of initial architectural and technological design concepts, as well as professional construction services. During every stage of the work we are flexible and open to suggestions from our customers, adapting the designed facility to suit the individual needs. We always have in mind a more economical solution for materials & labor to complete the given task. We always make every effort to ensure that the design process is as short as possible. During our first meeting with the Investor we discuss in detail locations of each individual areas of the facility and verify the usable, technological and logistic requirements, bearing in mind the different local jurisdictions and climate conditions at various locations.

Afterwards, when the initial concept is accepted, we develop documentation to obtain a building permit, including architectural, structural, electrical, climate control, automatic irrigation and plumbing & sewer, as well as full coordination and supervision during the construction process. We can also provide a site plan to develop the areas around the facility i.e. access roads, sidewalks, parking, lighting & landscaping. At the completion of project we provide the customer with a full set of documents including as-built set of plans, equipment operating and safety procedures & warranty cards.

At the customer's request, we can also prepare cost estimates for each stage of construction if necessary, to obtain bank loans or subsidies from an agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.



Refrigeration equipment and installations

Based on many years of experience, we also design, deliver, assemble and service industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We offer construction for all types and sizes of installations, even above 1MW. We work with leading manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, including Carrier, York, Toshiba, Guentner, Stulz and many more. We can offer you both complete installations as well as individual equipment i.e. compressors, coolers, condensers, walk-in coolers and freezers, freezing and cooling free-standing units , automation for cooling & air conditioners. We provide our own professional service and installation teams. We offer complete air conditioning systems from design through installation, systems start-up, including warranty and post-warranty service. We are an expert in the assembly of split air conditioning systems in private homes, offices as well as in commercial buildings. We choose the best and most advanced solutions in terms of cost vs performance. In our systems we rely on the latest technological solutions and high-quality products, which translates into safety and efficient functioning of the air-conditioning system. We also offer SPLIT type air conditioning for small rooms, VRV and VRF air conditioning systems in industrial and large commercial facilities.


We execute the selection, design and sale of electronic equipment, electrotechnical equipment, automation products and individual ventilation components, air conditioning & refrigeration. In our proposed solutions, we place your satisfaction first and, at the same time, to provide you with optimal and innovative technical solutions. We use controllers that we can program easily ourselves, that way we can customize automation to the most unique requirements of the client, optimize them for optimal energy consumption and minimize maintenance activities. In our projects, sometimes consisting of several control cabinets, we use computerized communication between all of the devices and systems to ensure optimal cooperation between them, which in turn shuts off the systems not needed at that moment.

Inverters - Smoothly regulate motor’s speed by changing frequency and voltage. They can be used to regulate one or a whole group of fans. Inverters powered with single-phase 230V input and with 230V three-phase output are cheaper alternative for smaller motors with 230 / 400V supply rating, which after changing the configuration of windings into a triangle, then they can work together with this type of inverter. Inverters allow you to program several speeds and, depending on the needs, a step change or a smooth change of speed by the use of adjuster, be automatically adjusted by the programmed inverter itself or by adding manual controller.

Actuators - We offer a full range of electric actuators and valves with actuators. Electric actuators with control range close / open, 3 points, analog, made for different voltage ranges AC 230V AC / DC24V. The MF (multi-functional) and MP (multi-point) versions can be parameterized and the MP also work within the network. Special actuators for fire protection shut-off dampers and ventilation to ensure fire safety. The actuators come in two configurations - without a return spring and with a return spring. Each series of actuators is matched to the appropriate surface of each damper. Cabinet enclosures and switchgears - The offer includes modular wall and cavity housings, boxes and switchgears, cable connectors and many more configurations.

Automation components - We offer a wide range of overcurrent circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, switch disconnectors, modular contactors, silicon switches, control and signaling elements, hermetic switchgears, industrial cabinets.

Speed controllers - They regulate the rotational speed thanks to the stepwise (multi-tap transformers) or stepless transformers (inverters, thyristor controllers) changing the value or frequency of the voltage. In our electrical and electronic installations, we use only products from reputable suppliers.

Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning equipment and installations

Our company specializes in installation of new, refurbishing existing and service on all types of light commercial, commercial & industrial systems including gravity or mechanical ventilation, as well as setting up boiler rooms and equipment. We design and offer only optimal solutions for these installations based on the latest knowledge and availability of latest devices. We have our own service and assembly teams.

Ventilation in industrial facilities

We provide and install gravity and mechanical ventilation systems for warehouses and industrial facilities, including: general extraction (office buildings) restrooms, industrial hoisted extractors (weld shops), gastronomic extractors (kitchen hoods), laboratory extractors (fume hoods) We install VBW roof ventilation units, supply and exhaust with water heater and cross exchanger for heat recovery. In the gravity ventilation installations, we provide cylindrical ventilators and turbo-ventilation type on roof attachments. We issue warranty cards and post-warranty service on all of our products and services.

Electricity from gas

We enable the production of electricity from gas, which is based on GHP (gas heat pumps) to provide very cost efficient gas powered heating and cooling solutions for all kinds of buildings. The internal combustion engine is supplied with natural gas to drive the compressor unit. The heat generated during the operation of the engine is used as a heat source that circulates the heat pump in heating mode, and also eliminates losses associated with the evaporator defrosting process that occurs in traditional heat pump systems. Energy produced in gas heat pumps can be transferred to the building in a variety of ways: • a freon installation with a system of internal receivers, in which the medium can evaporate or condense, and thus the appropriate heat exchange. • water system (AWS). Energy is transferred between the outdoor unit and the AWS exchanger by means of the medium, while in the AWS exchanger energy is transferred to the building by means of water / glycol. This system, due to the outlet / return temperatures in the water system, works very well when using fan coil units. • the air installation (AHU) uses the energy transfer by the air handling unit to the building with the aid of a supply system. This system works best in heating / cooling large warehouses, sports centers or industrial facilities. Heat pumps can also be used to produce hot utility water.

Water Chillers

We design and make water chiller units & installations as an alternative to freon based systems. These installations run on cold water @ (5-10°C / 40-50°F) supplied into the cooling system where afterwards it is pumped into a cooling pipe system @ (10-16°C / 50-60°F) temperature, to be returned back into the cooling system. The source of water are heat exchangers in the form of an ice water aggregate. The receivers in the exchange of heat between water and air are fan coil units and the freon is the intermediary factor. The air flow in the fan coil, in which water flows, will cause the heat to be picked up and the temperature of the chilled water will rise. The ice water flow to the final receiver is regulated by a properly selected set of pressure equalizing valves on individual sections. Such installation is characterized by very low maintenance and environmentally safe, because the cooling in the installation is done with water. In the event of a leak in the system, only water seeps to the outside, and not freon as it may be in the case of freon installations. Our systems are based on water chillers with power ranging from 10 kW to almost 3000 kW, depending on the cubature & use of the structure to be cooled.

Ventilation at home and office

Before we start the design, we conduct an in-depth reconnaissance of the site to select the most appropriate solution: collectors and air handling units, both mechanical (supply air, general exhaust), supply and exhaust with heat recovery, as well as gravity and air curtains. When we have the most reasonable solution we make an offer to the client for acceptance.


We are a qualified construction and design team that can design a heating/cooling and mechanical installations for you. We specialize in installation of central heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation projects. In addition, we can also design plumbing & sewer system. We offer installation not only on the basis of documentation provided by the customer, but also our own design expertise based on the latest CAD software, facilitating the selection of materials and creating a presentation. Because of that, projects are designed on realistic terms, which in turn helps our clients save time and money. The use of modern technology and many years of experience allows us to help you achieve the expected results.