Metal fabrication service

Using modern equipment and machines

We provide a wide range of metal fabrication services

for our Clients as well as our own needs
Usługi metalowe - gięcie


elements up
to 6m in length


elements up
to 6mm thick
Usługi metalowe - spawanie


of steel, stainless steel
and aluminum

We provide metal fabrication services at our production plant located in Pianów (near Kościan) in the Voivodship of Greater Poland. The services of our factory are dedicated to both investment projects that widely support our company as a general contractor, but also serve the needs of individual clients for whom we prepare various products according to their specification. We are constantly expanding our machine inventory, and in the second half of 2020 our modern production plant for Agro-Projects company will be opened. Consequently allowing us to expand our services and include punching, milling and turning of any metal.

We provide professional services tailored to the needs of Clients

using modern machines of the highest quality
Usługi metalowe gięcie

Bending elements up to 6 meters long

Thanks to the modern ”Ermaksan” bending machines, we are able to bend steel elements up to 6m long and up to 12mm thick. On the other hand, 400 tons of pressure and a wide range of top-quality dies ensure precise bending to any shape and angle adjusted to the Client’s needs.

Usługi metalowe cięcie

Shearing elements up to 6mm thick

We shear metal elements using a special guillotine, which also allows us shearing to a maximum of 3 meters in length. The guillotine also copes well with thicknesses up to 6 millimeters thick. We can also weld the sheared elements into any shape.

Usługi metalowe spawanie

Welding steel, stainless steel and aluminium

We currently offer tig and mig mag types of welding. Our licensed welders are excellent in welding aluminum, stainless steel or black iron steel. Soon our services will be extended to include automatic welding using a modern welding robot.

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that we have completed for our own and our clients’ needs

All parts manufactured in our metal fabrication department fit exactly together even on the most advanced & difficult projects. In our portfolio you can find a variety of projects ranging from sizable galvanized metal structures to modern aluminum lorries for picking mushrooms, which we supply to mushroom growing farms around the world. We also offer smaller detailed metal elements that are very accurate.

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