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Przemysł grzybowy pieczarka

Champignon mushrooms

Przemysł grzybowy boczniak

Oyster mushrooms

The Agro-Projects team has extensive experience in the design and construction of facilities for the industrial cultivation of champignon mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. In the past we have built a variety of facilities in diverse climatic conditions that enabled us to acquire professional competence in all aspects related to the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. We can also offer professional consulting support and training anywhere in the world tailored to the individual needs of the client and the specifics of the facility, either existing or new.

From the general design to the smallest detail

professional support tailored to the individual needs of the Client
Przemysł grzybowy uprawa pieczarek

Cultivation of champignon mushrooms and oyster mushroom

Professional cultivation of mushrooms is driven by highly advanced processes in which we specialize and have been educating ourselves for many years. Because of the extensive technological knowledge we have, we can prepare your facility and employees to implement solutions that will optimize your company’s production processes, allow you to effectively use your production capabilities for the highest profit.

Przemysł grzybowy produkcja kompostu

Production of compost for champignons and oyster mushroom substrate

Professional production of compost layers on which mushrooms grow on, is a complicated process that we have been educating ourselves for many years. Now can properly design your facility, choose the most effective machines, plan the right processes and train your employees, that will in turn highly optimize the production of your facility.

Przemysł grzybowy automatyka

Industry and technical consulting

Modern technical solutions in the mushroom industry are becoming increasingly popular. The facility effective planning and exploiting allows owners to increase competitive advantage and, also to optimize the production processes. Our experienced engineering staff can offer professional solutions tailored to your business.

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Michał Ressel

Consulting and Training
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Hubert Szczerbal

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