Machines and equipment

for complex mushroom cultivation and substrate production

Professional equipment for facilities

manufactured comprehensively in our own production plant

Modern, practical, optimized and durable technological equipment is the basis for the functioning of both newly built and modernized facilities for mushroom growing. For this reason, our offer includes only high-quality products designated for this industry and optimized in terms of the aggressive environment that develops inside the growing rooms. We offer the construction of modern facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms and a set of necessary equipment and technological devices that are required in such facilities.


Sliding Doors



systems & controls



Picking lorries


Growing nets

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Our online store

has everything you need for the professional cultivation of various types of mushrooms. There you will find equipment for cultivation, soil irrigation, climate control, as well as ready buildings and their elements.

Professional industrial machines

tested in various facilities in many regions of the world
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Compost filling & emptying machines

We offer the most modern compost filling and emptying machines operating daily in professional facilities. All machines are entirely adjustable, which makes it possible to adapt them to the needs and characteristics of the client’s facility.

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Machines for compost facilities

We know how important high quality of machines operating in aggressive environments of compost production plants is, so we offer only the highest quality of equipment. Modern machines for breaking and mixing straw, hoppers, top loading machines, winches, conveyors, loading cassettes are just some of the machines that we offer to our clients. We have effective solutions for any amount of compost needed to be produced.

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Machines for production of casing

With cooperation of the machinery market leader – Dutch company Hoving – we are capable to offer professional machines for production of casing. Whenever the client requests, we will prepare a customized offer tailored to the needs and characteristics of the enterprise.

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Machines and equipment
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Michał Ressel

Machines and equipment