Mushroom Cultivation

Champignon farms, Oyster mushroom farms, Exotic mushroom farms

We design and build complete facilities

for the professional, industrial cultivation of various types of mushrooms
Przemysł grzybowy pieczarka

mushroom farms

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mushroom farms

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mushroom farms

Agro-Projects engineers have extensive experience in the design and construction of facilities for the industrial cultivation of champignon mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and other exotic mushrooms. The mushroom farm building is a facility that is very demanding for both the design and competent construction crew, which is why choosing an experienced contractor is so important. Based on many years of experience, we know the technology of constructing these types of buildings and know which elements require special attention, both in terms of material used for and its correct assembly. Knowing the technology of growing mushrooms such as champignons or oyster mushrooms, we offer comprehensive implementation of the entire facility or a selected part of the construction, to the extent indicated by the investor. Each construction concept is discussed individually and adapted to the client’s needs. If the Investor requests, during the initial meeting we present the current reference list of our engineering staff.

From the initial design to the completed facility

we are capable of offerring extensive support services, as only one of very few companies on the market
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Professionals at every stage

We specialize in the design and construction of facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms. Based on the experience gained over the years, we know how important is the initial stage related to the development of correct design concept and building construction project that meets the Client’s expectations and technological requirements. Complete insulation and energy requirements for the buildings where mushrooms are grown, as well as the harsh conditions inside the growing rooms cause that the development of a stable design is most important and key to having a successful mushroom farm.

Przemysł grzybowy wiedza

Experience based on knowledge

Because of our experience, we offer full support in the development of preliminary, architectural and technological concepts, as well as designs of buildings for industrial mushroom growing. We always keep in mind the technological and economic aspects of the solutions and materials used. We place great emphasis on the functionality of the designed project. At the Client’s request, our designers make formal and legal arrangements. We always strive to ensure that the design stage is carried out in the shortest time possible.

Przemysł grzybowy projekty

Tailor-made projects

At the initial stage of cooperation with the Investor, we discuss in detail the location of individual zones of the facility and verify the layout, technological and climate control requirements of the facility, taking to account various local and climatic conditions for different locations. The optimal design covers all aspects related to the functioning of the facility intended for industrial mushroom cultivation. After developing the initial concept, we develop documentation for obtaining a building permit, including projects in the architectural, construction, electrical and sanitary fields.

Przemysł grzybowy analiza finansowa

Effective financial analysis

At the client’s request, we will also provide cost estimates or support for their investment business plan. Based on the necessary input data, we not only can calculate the initial investment costs, but also what is most important for the owner, also include a projected return on investment parameters and profitability of the mushroom production itself. The analysis is done by industry specialists with expertise in the specific location where the farm will be built.

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Construction and supervision over the investment

We monitor and conduct work on the investment with the highest reliability. We meticulously monitor key construction dates, because we know well how important it is maintaining the schedule for investors. We supervise activities carried out by our proven and experienced subcontractors, for which we take all responsibility. In addition, as part of our General Contract commitment, we can efficiently solve current issues at the construction site without the involvement of outside resources.

Professional equipment for facilities

manufactured comprehensively in our own production plant

Modern, practical, optimized and durable technological equipment is the basis for the functioning of both newly built and modernized facilities for mushroom growing. For this reason, our offer includes only high-quality products designated for this industry and optimized in terms of the aggressive environment that develops inside the growing rooms. We offer the construction of modern facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms and a set of necessary equipment and technological devices that are required in such facilities.


Sliding Doors



Climate systems & controls



Picking lorries


Growing nets

is everything you need for professional mushroom growing. Here you will find our offer for equipment, machines, as well as a portfolio of our industry projects.

Professional technological installations

designed for facilities for the industrial cultivation of Mushrooms



Air Conditioning





Przemysł grzybowy chłodnictwo klimatyzacja

Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and installations

Based on several years of experience, we design, supply, install and service refrigeration and air conditioning installations dedicated to the industry. We undertake any type and size of installation, also above 1 MW. We work with leading manufacturers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment such as Carrier, York, Toshiba, Guentner and Stulz. Our offer includes both comprehensive installations and individual devices. We have our own service and assembly teams.

Przemysł grzybowy wentylacja grzewcze

Ventilation and heating devices and installations

Properly designed and made ventilation and heating installations are an equally important aspect of the functioning of modern facilities where mushrooms are grown. That is why we realize comprehensive ventilation and heating installations, including the boiler room. We design and implement only optimal solutions based on the latest knowledge and the availability of optimized devices. We have our own service and assembly teams.

Przemysł grzybowy automatyka

Advanced automation

We deal with the selection, design and sale of electronic and electrotechnical equipment, automation products and individual components for the needs of ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. We use freely programmable controllers, so we can adapt the automation to even the most unique requirements of the recipient, as well as optimize it for optimal energy consumption and minimize maintenance.

Przemysł grzybowy projektowanie

Modern design

We have a qualified construction and design team specializing in the implementation of central heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation. In addition, we can design the plumbing and sewage system. We offer installation not only based on documentation provided by the customer, but also provide our own project documentation based on the latest CAD software, facilitating the selection of materials and creating a presentation. The use of modern technology and many years of experience allows to achieve the expected results.

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