lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1
lou-legumes agro-projects-1

The first “French” mushroom growing rooms by Agro-Projects are ready for use!

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After several weeks of intensive construction, we have completed an expansion of the Lou Légumes mushroom farm. The facility located in Poiley (northern France) has been expanded by two new growing rooms for industrial mushroom cultivation, increasing their cultivation area by about 1760 m2. Both of the growing rooms are already filled with phase three compost and the first mushrooms will appear really soon.

Agro-Projects’ contract responsibilities included:

  • Delivery of a complete sandwich panel system and installation;
  • Designing and providing complete sets of technological equipment (air-conditioning units + air intake, ducts + air distribution system inside the growing rooms), as well as installation of these systems;
  • Delivery and installation of interior sliding doors and exterior gates for these growing rooms;
  • Delivery and installation of the growing shelving (total of 1762 m2);
  • Delivery and installation of under-shelf automatic watering system;
  • Delivery as well as installation of the entire climate control system.