India Mushroom Summit 2023 – summary

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Last week we had the pleasure to participate in the India Mushroom Summit 2023 international trade fair in New Delhi. It was our first visit in this country with a population of 1.4 billion.

During the fair, we appeared as a sponsor and exhibitor. In addition, on the second day of the event, CEO Daniel Dajewski gave a presentation during the conference. It was a great opportunity to broaden horizons, introduce the company and the latest technology related to mushroom cultivation, as well as to network.

While more than 95% of farms currently grow mushrooms using outdated technology (involving Phase II compost loaded into plastic bags manually placed on a simple rack structure), the prospect of moving to Phase III compost remains a dream for now. However, there is a strong possibility that the Indian market is at the threshold of a transformation.

Why are we interested in this particular market?

  • India is the most populous country in the world, with a population of over 1.4 billion.
  • Today, India is in the top five in terms of GDP (GDP in 2023 will exceed $3.5 trillion), according to expert estimates, by 2027 India could be in the top three.
  • India is a home to the largest vegetarian community in the world.
  • According to local entrepreneurs, demand for mushrooms in India is already 4 times greater than supply.

There are many challenges facing this market, such as achieving stable compost quality and increasing yields. Currently, mushrooms are not a popular product in Indian culture, but it is hoped that the public will soon be persuaded to consume them, as they are a healthy product for vegetarians, can diversify the Indian vegetable diet, add new flavor and provide missing proteins and useful micronutrients.

Nevertheless, we are confident that the global trend of increasing mushroom consumption will not bypass the country. We see many opportunities for our company there and we are proud to be part of the India Mushroom Summit 2023.