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Mushroom cultivation

We are experts in the technologically advanced design of facilities for the industrial cultivation of mushrooms, i.e. champignons and oyster, or exotic mushrooms. We help new clients build their business from scratch, and for clients already in the industry we have many effective and modern technological solutions that will streamline production. We offer design and construction of the entire facility or implementation of a selected part of the construction, to the extent indicated by the Investor.

Przemysł grzybowy produkcja podłoża

Production of substrate for mushroom cultivation

We also design and build advanced facilities for the industrial production of compost on which mushrooms grow, as well as the substrate necessary for growing oyster mushrooms. Based on many years of experience, we have the technological knowledge on how these plants need to be set up and which portions of construction and equipment need to get special attention to function properly for years to come.

Przemysł grzybowy maszyny urządzenia

Machines and equipment

Modern, practical, optimized and durable technological equipment is the basis for the functioning of facilities in the production of mushrooms and the substrate on which they are grown. In our offer you will find only high-quality products dedicated for this industry and optimized in terms of the aggresive climate environments prevailing in technological rooms.

Consulting and Training

Thanks to many years of experience that we have gained on the Polish and international markets and our qualified staff, we are able to offer specialized training and consultancy related to any issues in the mushroom industry.

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