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LOU Landivy - Mushroom Farm

Landivy, France

In March 2021 we started the construction of a new facility in France which consists of 22 mushroom growing rooms and 4 rooms for oyster mushroom cultivation. The building area of the whole facility is 11700 sq. m.

Bonshe - Mushroom Farm

Brest, Belarus

It is one of the first large mushroom farms in Eastern Europe built by our company. We started cooperation with the largest mushroom producer in Belarus in 2015 and we continue to this day. We regularly expand their needs with new facilities and provide machinery and equipment of our own production. We are currently planning construction of a large distribution center for all Bonshe mushroom farms that we have built thus far. It will be a challenge, which we are looking forward to.

Grzybowy Raj - Mushroom Farm

Brest, Belarus

At the start of 2020, we completed the construction of a mushroom farm with 12 growing rooms, at 723 m2 each, in the City of Brest free economic zone. The minimal annual production of mushroom will be approximately 2,700,000 kg. The investor plans to build two additional facilities with us.

Gribnaja Strana - Mushroom Farm

Baranavichy, Belarus

A new mushroom farm, which consists of 40 growing rooms, at 723 m2 each, a technological part with a substantial cooling room, 4 shock rooms, a mushroom packing line and an enormous chilled water room system located in a separate building. This facility was built in 5 stages. The first stage was launched in 2017, the first mushroom farm consisting of 40 chambers was completed in 2020. The total maximum production of the mushroom farm today is about 9,000,000 kg of mushroom per year.

Logal-Bio - Mushroom Farm

Szczuczyn, Belarus

The concept for land development according to our plan included the construction of two buildings for mushroom cultivation, 12 growing rooms,  at 723 m2 per room, each with a social and technological space. We started the first facility with a minimum mushroom annual production of 2,700,000 kg in October 2018, the second facility with the same production parameters was started in the spring of 2019 and was completed in September 2019.

Fabrika-Gribow - Mushroom Farm

Aleksandrowo, Belarus

We built this mushroom farm on site of the existing foundations that were laid by previous investor 5 years earlier. The facility consists of 7 growing rooms,  at 460 m2 each, assuming to be grown on 4th phase of compost, with the possibility of switching to the 3rd phase with load of 530 m2 into one growing room.

Linodrób - Poultry Farm

Linowo, Poland

A firm specializing in the production and processing of turkey meat products. The plant has its own raw material base, slaughterhouse and processing facilities. The task of Agro-Projects was to be a General Contractor on the project  and build a new turkey processing plant as well as office and employee facilities.

Turkey farm - Kwiatkowscy

Nielub, Poland

Construction of 4 livestock buildings for turkey farming, barns with a hydrophore plant, 2 social buildings, foundation slabs for feed silos and storage tanks, as well as compacting the entire site. Agro-Projects was also the general contractor on this investment.

Banken Champignons – Champignon Mushrooms

Naprusewo, Poland

In 2018, we completed a complete expansion of an existing mushroom farm in the Voivodship of Greater Poland, city of Niepruszew. Within 5 months, a pack house, cold storage and a warehouse were built, while our partner company Magik Chłodnictwo manufactured and installed a modern refrigeration system.

Robson - Robert Jóźwiak

Bruszczewo, Poland

Complete construction of warehouses with a refrigerated part dedicated for agricultural products as well as expansion of employee and office buildings with all of the necessary infrastructure. Refrigeration systems were manufactured and installed by our partner company – Magik Chłodnictwo.

Turkey Farm - Gerczak Nord-Pol Hatchery

Nipkowie, Poland

Construction of three reproduction farm buildings, two communication halls, three foundation slabs for feed silos, panels for electrical switchgear with a control room, foundation slab for above-ground propane storage tanks and compacted site with the necessary technical infrastructure.


Czarne Błoto, Poland

Extensive expansion of an existing plant with a fabrication and assembly line, featuring a new warehouse facility and a social building with all of the necessary technological infrastructure, as well as access roads and parking lots. The construction was carried out in four phases and has been entirely completed at the end of 2017.

Iron Foundry

Lisie Kąty, Poland

A complete construction of a melting furnace and cast facilities for an Iron Foundry located in Lisie Kąty, Poland. Construction also included, among others: delivery and assembly of steel structures, working platforms, exterior and interior walls, roofing, concrete foundations and floor slabs.

Primary School

Wałdowo Szlacheckie, Poland

Extensive construction of an educational facility in Wałdów Szlachecki: incl. demolition and renovation work, brickwork, entire interior finishing and installation of state-of-the-art technological systems. The construction was carried out in two phases and has been completed in 2019.

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