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Sponsoring artem laguta

Artiom Łaguta - Motorcycle Speedway

WTS Sparta Wrocław – PGE Ekstraliga

The speedway world heard about Artem for the first time in 2008, when he debuted in the team from Daugavpils. The Russian impressed with his effectiveness and was one of the best juniors of the 1st league during that time. Currently, he is a team leader of WTS Sparta Wrocław and a participant of the Grand Prix, looking to capture the medals of World Championships. In addition, in the 2018 and 2019 seasons, while with the Russian national team, he won the World Champion title in the Motorcycle Speedway of Nations.

Sponsoring Norbert Krakowiak

Norbert Krakowiak - Motorcycle Speedway

GKM Grudziądz – PGE Ekstraliga

Born in Witkowo near Gniezno, this competitor obtained his speedway license in 2014. During his career, he competed in clubs from Ostrów, Toruń and Gniezno. In the years 2019-2020 he defended the colors of Falubaz Zielona Góra while winning many competitions, among them: two gold medals in Polish Junior Team Championship (DMPJ), a gold medal in Youth Polish Championships of Club Pairs (MMPPK) and a bronze medal in Individual Junior Polish Championship (MIMP). He has also won gold medals in the World and European junior team championships.

Sponsoring Roman Lahbaum

Roman Lakhbaum - Motorcycle Speedway

GKM Grudziądz – PGE Ekstraliga

Born in 1998 in the city of Sterlitamak, Russia. He started as one of the leading Russian competitors in the 250cc class. He began competing in the Polish league in 2016, defending colors of the teams from Krosno and Rybnik. Since 2018, he has been a contender of the extra-league team from Grudziądz. His greatest individual success is winning a silver medal in the Individual European Junior Championships in 2019.

Klub GKM Grudziądz - Motorcycle Speedway

PGE Ekstraliga

In 2014, GKM Grudziądz was promoted to the Top League by receiving a “wild card”. In 2016, the club took 5th place in the Top League, and came very close to the play-off phase, but lost the fight for 4th place with Sparta Wrocław. The 5th place in 2016 Top League is thus far the greatest accomplishment in the history of GKM club.

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